Micah Dahl Anderson

Music for Film 


Man From Reno

Eleven Arts

From celebrated film maker David Boyle. A Japanese crime novelist (Ayko Fujitani), and small town sheriff (Pepe Serna) are lured into the same strange murder mystery in this idiosyncratic and engrossing neo-noir. Unfolding on the backstreets and outskirts of San Francisco, Man From Reno is sinister and seductive by turns. 

Peace Officer

PBS, Independent Lens.

Peace Officer is a documentary about the increasingly militarized state of American police as told through the story of “Dub” Lawrence, a former sheriff who established and trained his rural state’s first SWAT team only to see that same unit kill his son-in-law in a controversial standoff 30 years later. Driven by an obsessed sense of mission, Dub uses his own investigative skills to uncover the truth in this and other recent officer-involved shootings in his community while tackling the problem at large.

Rise of The Sufferfests

From investigative journalist Scott Keneally (New York Times, Outside, Rolling Stone). Rise of the Sufferfests is the first feature documentary about the global obstacle race phenomenon. It explores the history of the sport, psychology behind it, personalities that drive it and, most importantly, asks what it says about the world we're living in.

Bears of Durango

From filmmaker Dusty Hulet, Bears of Durango, is a documentary film that follows wildlife researchers headfirst into bear dens through the lens of an intense wildlife study. In "one of the most comprehensive research projects to date", an adventurous team of wildlife researchers led by Heather Johnson PhD, a doctoral graduate of the University of Montana Fish & Wildlife Biology program, spent six years investigating the effects of expanding human development on bear populations.

Life on Bitcoin

Like most newlyweds, Austin and Beccy Craig were excited about returning home after their honeymoon and beginning their new life together. But unlike most couples who find their lives calming down after the chaos of wedding planning is over, the Craigs were about to embark on an adventure no one had ever attempted before: Beccy and Austin were going to spend the next three months living solely on the crypto currency, Bitcoin.

You May Kill The Bride

Lifetime Television

In this made-for-tv thriller,  Nicole and Mark get engaged, but his stepsister Audrey (Tammin Sursok, Flicka 2, Aquamarine) believes she has a claim on him and is willing to do anything to be his bride.

Short Films


From Local.Studio

Featuring local skaters from the Salt Lake and Utah Valleys, and a moon shot that took over a month to complete.


The first of three chapters of a short film trilogy about love, loss, and life. Written, Directed and Edited by Stephen Cole Webley
Produced by Preston Lee & Christopher Cho


After the death of her brother following a clash between her wagon train, and the local Shoshone, an enraged Anna, sets out for restitution and vengeance on her cowardly Father.


From Local.Studio and HBO Sports

A collaboration between HBO Sports and Local.Studio showcasing Duranbah’s smallest little ripper.