Micah Dahl Anderson

Music for Broadcast & Series


Beehive Stories

What makes you feel like a place is your home? Beehive Stories is a multi Emmy® Award winning  television series, of twenty nine short documentaries about people trying to answer that question. Created and produced by Brad Barber. The series aired on PBS affiliate KBYU Channel 11.  

The Generations Project

The Generations Project is an Emmy® Award winning television series about discovering your roots. It takes ordinary people on a hands-on journey to learn about their ancestors and in the process discover more about themselves. The series aired on the international platform BYUTV. 

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States of America 

States of America is a series of documentary shorts, featuring one person in each of the 50 states in the Union.  

In the United States, you might be born one place, go to school or work in another, then pack it up and move somewhere else for a thousand different reasons of choice or circumstance. You might have been born in another country.  What is it that ties us to these places and makes us adopt them as our home?  How does our state affect who we are and how we identify ourselves?  What makes us from there?  In an increasingly fragmented time where identity, unity, and belonging are under scrutiny, States of America asks these questions in lyrical short documentaries, featuring everyday people as distinct as the physical and cultural landscapes they call home. By looking at several together, these films begin to portray a mosaic of America's famously emerging identity.